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Our 30ML Fragrance Book!


This book includes entire fragrance line, 5ML of each scent.

With the purchase of each book, you receive a voucher inside to redeem one free bottle of your choice.

Value up to $101.00.

Our new Fragrance books are great gift ideas for Valentines day, Mothersday, Fathersday, Birthdays, ect. With the purchase of our Fragrance book, the gift receiver gets to try our entire line and find what scent works best for them. Once you decide, you have to come into OUR retail location to redeem your free bottle.


How it works:


  • Customer purchases Fragrance book.
  • Once the customer/gift receiver finds the perfect scent for them, they come into our retail location with their voucher.
  • The Retailer takes this voucher and gives the customer one (1) free bottle of their choice